Our NYC beginner boxing classes teach the basics of Boxing to participants. We typically begin warm-up exercises and stretching, instruction on boxing stances and footwork, fundamental punches, defensive techniques, and bag and pad work.


Boxing Stance: Instructors teach students how to stand properly in a boxing stance, which is essential for balance, mobility, and defense. They'll learn how to position their feet and guard their face.

Shadowboxing: Beginners often begin with shadowboxing, a practice that involves throwing punches and moving around without a partner or trainer. This helps participants get comfortable with basic punches and footwork.


Our NYC beginner boxing classes cover the four fundamental punches in boxing:

Jab: A quick, straight punch with the lead hand.

Cross: A powerful straight punch with the rear hand.

Hook: A punch thrown in a semi-circular motion targeting the opponent's head or body.

Uppercut: A punch thrown in an upward motion to target an opponent's chin or body.

Punch Combinations: Once a new boxer feels comfortable, we will start mixing in punch combinations.


nyc beginner boxing classes


Instructors or partners may hold focus mitts or pads for students to practice combinations, accuracy, and power. Padwork allows fighters to practice and refine their punching and striking techniques. Our trainers can provide immediate feedback and correct form, helping you develop better precision and power in your punches.


Footwork: Instructors teach basic footwork, including how to step, pivot, and move around the training area effectively. Proper footwork is crucial for balance, evasion, and setting up punches.


Participants often practice their punches and combinations on heavy bags or speed bags. This helps build strength and improve technique. Bagwork helps fighters develop more powerful and faster punches. It's an excellent way to build explosive strength in the upper body.


Defense: Beginners learn how to defend themselves by slipping, bobbing and weaving, blocking, and parrying punches. This is essential for staying safe once you get in the ring. Defense is a fundamental aspect of boxing that goes hand in hand with offense. A well-rounded boxer must be proficient in both areas to excel in the sport.

As always, Central Park Boxing classes emphasize safety and we provide personalized guidance and feedback.


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