Excellent trainer and coach! Kicks my a$$ each and every time. I absolutely recommend Leslie and his team.
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Kathleen Cantrell Avatar
Kathleen C.
Leslie is the best boxing trainer. The only workout I enjoy in NYC!
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Manasa Gummalla Avatar
Manasa G.
Great place to learn and improve one’s boxing skills. Fun, healthful, practical. I love the hands on approach by Leslie and his staff
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Todd Lewis Avatar
Todd L.
I am so glad I happened to walk by this place back in August, because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a boxing gym since I moved to NYC 6 years ago! I’ve trained with gyms previously in the Albany area, and it’s been hard to find a boxing program that fits my wants and is affordable. Leslie and Ameer are very knowledgeable and have a great approach to how they run their sessions. They both give great feedback and will tailor workouts to meet the wants and needs of their varied clientele. It’s clear some folks have been boxing for years, while others are newer to the sport, but everyone there is getting a great workout. The gym is always clean, friendly, and welcoming. If you’re thinking about tying boxing as a way to work out, I highly recommend popping in to see their program in action!
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Emily Avatar
Best training ever . Leslie is a great teacher . I highly recommend better than all the other boxing gyms in the city . They really give you 1 on 1 training and care about everyone. It’s 100% worth it . I love it !!! Also Leslie is available any time early morning before work , weekends . Nights . It’s amazing .
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david f Avatar
david f.
Leslie is a patient but challenging trainer and, as a boxing newbie, I really enjoy my time at his gym and feel I am getting good results. It’s a friendly place and great way to learn boxing techniques.
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Lori Nitschke Avatar
Lori N.
Les is an outstanding trainer. Mixing in boxing techniques with my normal workout routine has really improved my overall results and health. My core has improved and the boxing workouts really impact the strength in my balance.
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Barbara Burgio Avatar
Barbara B.
Leslie is AMAZING. This man is the real deal when it comes to boxing training. His patience is unmatched. Even on days when I struggled, Leslie stood by, ensuring I grasped every technique at my own pace. Plus, he's incredibly easy to get along with. He has this knack for breaking down those tricky boxing moves in a way that's crystal clear and relatable. But what truly sets him apart is the passion and inspiration he brings to each session. Training with Leslie isn't just about boxing; it feels like embarking on an epic journey of self-improvement and growth. If you're considering diving into boxing, Leslie is the person to see. It’s been a total game-changer for me! 🥊🌟
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Christine Boeun Avatar
Christine B.
I started training with Leslie about six weeks ago. After being anxious about starting a new training regiment Leslie made me feel comfortable, while challenging me to my full potential. I’ve lost 20lbs and still going. I recommend anyone who’d like to start or supplement their boxing training give Leslie a call!
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James Francisco Avatar
James F.
If you're looking to get your foot in the door when it comes to the world of boxing, you've got it right here. Leslie and Ameer are two very awesome, and patient instructors. They have a good eye for seeing where you're at and where you need to improve. But don't be fooled, this doesn't mean the sessions will be easy. You will have to push yourself, but you'll feel more than supported. The classes are also very much affordable, I highly recommend giving them a shot. They've recently relocated to an indoor space at 772 Amsterdam. Contrary to the name, the classes do not take place in central park anymore, so do keep that in mind
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Brian Abreu Avatar
Brian A.
Very nice, helpful, and patient trainer. The environment is very nice, clean, and welcoming. You get to meet new people and also work and train with them along the way. The overall workout is very intense and effective. I’ve enjoyed being trained by Leslie. He is very good with people of all ages, and is always with the best intentions of achieving the goals that you want.
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Brianna Avatar
I never saw the appeal in having a trainer, but after working with Leslie, I finally get it. Leslie is patient, accommodating (will work with you around any injuries you have), and so knowledgeable. His attentiveness and enthusiasm will push you past what you thought your limits were. I leave each session feeling amazing- physically & mentally. This is your sign to train with Leslie!
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Judy Tam Avatar
Judy T.