About Central Park Boxing

If you’re looking for NYC Boxing Trainer who can help you infuse boxing techniques into your workouts, Central Park Boxing offers boxing inspired personal training fitness classes which infuse boxing drills and metabolic bodyweight exercises that incinerate fat and promote lean muscle. Our high-intensity boxing workouts will help you burn calories faster than traditional cardio workouts.

about Central Park Boxing

Our 60 minute boxing training sessions will help boxers work on the following techniques:

Proper Hand Wrapping
Boxers stance & footwork
Punch types: Jab / Cross / Hook / Upper Cut
Basic Padwork

Footwork drills
Punch combinations
Advanced Padwork
Introductory sparring

Lightning Padwork
Speedbag Efficient
Partner Sparring
Multiple rounds of HIIT

Training Rate

Our training courses are offered via 10 visit packages - our 10 visit monthly package costs $450.


We offer a free introductory course where we can assess your skill level and overall fitness. Simple visit our contact page and fill out the form to be contacted by one of our trainers.

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