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Central Park Boxing offers Upper West Side boxing training  routines and exercises such as shadowboxing / punching, padwork, and sparring. Inserting these workouts into your routines will have a beneficial impact on your health. Successfully learning proper boxing techniques will not only help you burn calories and build lean muscle, it helps build balance, lateral movement, and increases focus and discipline.

Boxing Techniques

Watch some of our boxers working out individually, in groups or sparring in our Upper West Side Boxing Gym.

Boxing Techniques

Personal Trainer

Central Park Boxing is one of the top Boxing Trainers in NYC, serving the Upper West Side & Upper East Sides.

Personal Trainer

Self-Defense Training

Learn self-defense techniques within 2 weeks of training. Start getting fit now with our Free Training Course.

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Self-Defense Training

Boxing Benefits

Learn how inserting boxing exercises and boxing routines into your workout will benefit both your physical and mental health.


Success Stories

Read about how joining Central Park Boxing and working out with us regularly has benefitted our clients overall health and workout routines.



View the inside of our NYC Boxing Gym in 360° format. We are located at 772 Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West side, 1-2-3-B-C Subway lines.

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NYC Boxing Gym

We have boxers of all skills levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced that take our courses. Whether it’s personal one-on-one training, training with a group or sparring with a partner, Central Park Boxing workouts can be tailored to your specificity. Start burning calories, building lean muscle, increasing your metabolism and getting fit now.

Burn Calories

Workouts with Central Park Boxing will help you burn calories and increase your body's metabolic processes.

Build Lean Muscle

Our workouts, coupled with the proper diet, will help build lean muscle and also helps your bodies metabolism.

Increase Stamina

Boxing workouts will test and build your stamina. Sustaining high levels of intensity for multiple rounds will test your fitness.

Get Healthy

Our workouts will have you feeling energized and positive, Our boxer success stories speak to our training program.

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