Upper West Side Personal Trainer

Central Park Boxing offers Upper West Side personal trainer workouts infused with boxing routines and exercises such as shadowboxing / punching, padwork, bagwork, and sparring. We offer Personal Trainer courses that teach you boxing basics, Beginner Boxing Classes, Self-Defense Classes, and sparring opportunities for boxers of all experience levels.

Personal Training

Central Park Boxing is one of the top Boxing Personal Trainers in Manhattan, serving the Upper West Side & Upper East Sides.

Personal Training
Personal Training

Self-Defense Training

Learn self-defense techniques within 2 weeks of training. We also offer youth boxing programs. Start getting fit now with our Free Training Course.

Self-Defense Training

Boxing Beginners

Learning how to insert boxing exercises and routines into your personal workouts will benefit both your physical and mental health.

boxing beginners
Boxing Beginners

Boxing Workouts

Watch some of our boxers working out individually, in groups or sparring in our Manhattan Boxing Gym. Beginners are always welcome to join us.

cpb workouts
Boxing Workouts

manhattan boxing gym

Our Manhattan Boxing Gym is located at 772 Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West side, 2 blocks from 1-2-3 & B-C Subway lines.

manhattan boxing gym

Success Stories

Read about how joining Central Park Boxing and working out with us regularly has benefitted our clients overall health and workout routines.

Success Stories
Success Stories

NYC Beginner Boxing Classes

Our NYC Beginner Boxing Classes offer individuals a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of boxing, covering essential techniques such as proper stance, footwork, and basic punches like the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Participants engage in a dynamic training environment, incorporating bag work, partner drills, and conditioning exercises to enhance cardiovascular fitness, strength, and agility.

Upper West Side Boxing Trainer

Learning boxing techniques can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your personal workouts by incorporating a dynamic and engaging element into your fitness routine. We tailor training programs to individual needs, recognizing that each boxer requires a unique approach for optimal growth.

Boxing basics

Start off learning boxing basics: stance, balance, how to tape your hands, shadowboxing, and proper stretching.

Upper Body Workout

Learn how throwing different punches like Jab | Cross | Hook and Uppercut and punch combinations builds upper body strength.

Balance & Footwork

Balance is crucial for maintaining a stable and strong stance, allowing a boxer to absorb and defend against punches.

Get Healthy

Our workouts will have you feeling energized and positive, Our boxer success stories speak to our training program.

upper west side personal trainer

Success Stories

See what our boxers have to say about what joining Central Park Boxing has done for their workout routines and overall health.
Leslie is a patient but challenging trainer and, as a boxing newbie, I really enjoy my time at his gym... read more
Lori N. Avatar
Lori N.
Best training ever . Leslie is a great teacher . I highly recommend better than all the other boxing gyms... read more
david f. Avatar
david f.
I am so glad I happened to walk by this place back in August, because it’s exactly what I’ve been... read more
Emily Avatar
Les is an outstanding trainer. Mixing in boxing techniques with my normal workout routine has really improved my overall results... read more
Barbara B. Avatar
Barbara B.

Personal Training

  • First Class is Free
  • 5 Sessions Free on 10 pack purchase
  • Training Assessment
  • Forward Training Plan

Free Class

$0.00/first class
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Basic Boxing Training
  • Sparring Available
  • Forward Training Plan

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