Central Park Boxing

Our Manhattan Boxing Gym is located at 772 Amsterdam Avenue, located in the heart of the Upper West Side and 2 blocks away from the 96th Street subway stop. Here is a full 360 view of our main workout area:

Qualified Staff

manhattan boxing gym

Experienced coaches who can provide instruction and motivation to help you reach your boxing goals, emphasizing proper technique, safety, and progression in training.

Personalized Training

upper west side personal trainer

Customized training plans that consider your individual goals, strengths, and weaknesses, ensuring that you make progress at your own pace.


Sparring Opportunities

manhattan boxing gym

Organized sparring sessions and opportunities to practice boxing skills in controlled, supervised environments, allowing you to apply what you've learned in training.

We use professional equipment such as Cleto Reyes, Everlast, Ringside, and TKO

Manhattan Boxing Gym